My Senior Capstone

For my last article, I will be not be reporting on my peer’s senior capstone experiences, but rather reflecting on my own. For my senior capstone project, I did a compilation of eight articles throughout the school year: six articles promoting students from all three high school’s capstones, one introduction article, and one conclusion, which is this one you are reading right now. Although tedious, this project was very gratifying. It made me realize a lot about myself as a person and as a reporter. I realized that I am lazy, very lazy. I am a procrastinator. This is definitely something that I will need to work on as I enter into my aspired field of study; deadlines are extremely important. I also realized that interviewing and reporting is not my favorite thing to do. Between writing these articles, and writing as a contributor to the school’s magazine, The Wildcat, I discovered that reporting is not my actual treasured occupation. I would rather be a freelance writer. Writing editorials, satires, or even blogs, rather than just regurgitating information.

Although this capstone was not as enjoyable as I hoped it to be, it was more beneficial than what I could imagine. It helped me narrow down career options and allowed me to discover what techniques and characteristics I find favorable over others. It also served as another way to display my writing style and work with those more knowledgeable than me on the topic of reporting and publishing.

But out of everything, there is one reason I still cherish writing as something I want to continue on in college, and that is the fact that you learn so much when doing it. Each article I wrote, I not only realized things about myself, but I was also able to see amazing things as they happened, and learn about them as well. I learned about the overlooked logistics behind filming a movie, the beautiful culture of Costa Rica, the inspiration behind being an artist, the personal transition of becoming a leader, the abundant benefits of yoga, and the concentration and determination it takes to construct a computer program of artificial intelligence. I would have never even been slightly educated on any of these topics if it was not for my passion of writing and the choice of my senior capstone experience.



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