Karly Martin’s Senior Capstone

Karly Martin is a senior at Hilliard Bradley High School, who not only used her senior capstone experience for service and adventure, but furthermore used it to discover her aspired occupation.

This past year, Karly participated in the Costa Rica spring break trip, in which students from all three high schools received the opportunity to visit the country. Over a nine day period, Karly worked on a prototype that would help the environment, listened to Jane Goodall discuss her lifestyle and experiences with monkeys, brought school supplies to the underprivileged children in the village of Torteguero, witnessed animals that are not familiar to Ohio, visited a turtle reservation, a chocolate plantation, and an international school, swam in hot springs and a waterfall, white water rafted and zip lined, met students from all over the world, and made friends that would last a lifetime.

The most impactful of these events for Karly was visiting the island of Torteguero. She was able to see how those in impoverished areas truly live. It was “life changing to say the least,” she explains. The houses where the families reside contained not carpet nor wood, but only dirt floors. Furthermore, there were only two rooms alone used to educate over 80 children. When the simplest of school supplies were brought to them, they were ecstatic. From this, Karly learned to not take what she has for granted because many others around the world do not have the same opportunities and options she obtains. Additionally, she realized what she wanted to do with her life: she wants to keep the people like those living in Torteguero healthy; she wants to travel and be a nurse.

Karly would not have been able to discover what profession she wants to pursue if it was not for her visit to the differently cultured country of Costa Rica. She also learned so much about herself as a person and about the world through the daily tasks and experiences she encountered. “I loved Costa Rica,” Karly states, “This experience was one of the best in my life and I wish every day I could do it over again.”



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