Dianne Day’s Senior Capstone

Dianne Day is a student attending Hilliard Darby High School who decided to take an unorthodox yet very graceful and self-beneficial approach when completing her senior capstone experience.  Dianne decided to complete a 30 day yoga challenge.

The senior capstone experience can be used to enhance a student in numerous ways, whether it is through service, through aiding with a future career, through working on good characters or morals, through being advanced in differing school subjects, or even through enjoyment; the experience is what alters the student’s mind and prepares them for future endeavors. Yoga is something that Dianne had always wanted to pursue, and what better time she could have proceeded to practice it than for her senior capstone project.

Every day, starting November 1 and ending November 30, Dianne watched “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube and engaged in the movements that corresponded with each video. The first few days started out rough, with Dianne’s body being tight and not used to certain stretches and poses, but as the challenge went on, each day became more fulfilling and enjoying for her. As time went on, Dianne began to possess a self-love and understand how strong and durable she actually is and sense the connection she has with the earth around her.

From this experience, Dianne learned to manage her stress and anxiety through the peaceful practice of yoga, regulate her breath and energy through her steady concentration, and tone and shape her body through the discipline and determination she undertook. She discovered qualities about herself that she never knew she possessed and established a love for yoga that she will enjoy over a lifetime. Dianne was even so inspired by her senior capstone experience that she decided to continue her yoga journey and repeat the 30 day challenge for a second time.



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