Daniel Rona’s Senior Capstone

The ambitious entrepreneur of just 18 years old, Daniel Rona, attends Hilliard Davidson High School. Since the spring of 2015, Daniel has been pursuing his dream as an artist: drawing, painting, and designing religiously. This past summer, Daniel was chosen to attend an art program held at the prestigious Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California on full scholarship. Here, Daniel not only took numerous illustration and life drawing classes, but also learned how to create his own style and brand himself as an artist. Daniel took the senior capstone project as an opportunity to continue marketing his name and artwork and connecting with others through online and word of mouth.

Daniel created a Tumblr page titled “I am Daniel Rona”, which holds links to his Twitter account, Instagram account, his blog, numerous pictures of his artwork, and additional ways to contact him. By doing this, Daniel created an organized way to promote himself, share his work, and receive feedback and offers. This is only the start of his future as a self-made painter, illustrator, and soon to be fashion designer. Daniel is now working on his clothing brand, titled SOLE, and will share images and sales on this social media site as well.

Although Daniel is an extremely self-motivated person, this capstone project has allowed him to reflect over the techniques, styles, and experiences he has encountered and learned from and organize it in a creative and highly beneficial way.



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